The Burden of the River

(ongoing project)

“The Burden of the River” is an art project by Collective Failure (ex yugen), a tribute to the River Vere Valley that features installations, video art, performances and music.

The Vere River Valley, a hidden treasure of the city has become a flowed water of sewage and construction waste. A special dedication to the River Valley provides a place to express the distress and provoke the desire of change with the works of art presented at the event. Collective Failure collected the construction materials from the River Valley: tiles, pipes and all sort of plastic waste and re-used the objects of pollution as a material for the art objects, expressed in the mediums, such as mosaic installations, video art and sculptures.

Object #1

Video Art

“The city is a flood and our love had turned into a rust”

Concept: Zoya Baboo

Graphic: Oti Kharebashvili

The Vere River Valley used to be a home of wildlife and at the same time wonderful gateway from the sounds of the city for human beings. Once alluring Valley today is a landfill site and a place of constant constructions.

Chaotic urbanization and irresponsible expansion had already influenced the wildlife in the Vere River Valley. Video art shows a polluted valley, home to all sorts of animals and a wide range of bird species, as well as broad variety of plants

Print on a stone

Object #2

Print on a stone

Body is a stone. Soul becomes a River

Artist: Ruska Badriashvili

Object is a Printed artwork on a stone waste.

Ruska Badriashvili is a Georgian artist, whose work mainly concentrates on dream-reading interpretation of a world.

Object #3

Mosaic Art

“As Imprint”

Artist: Zoya Baboo

Print on a stone
Print on a stone

Zoya Baboo has been collecting construction wastes, particularly the tiles from the River Valley.

Some of the tiles are from the soviet era, almost washed away by the river, some of them are recent waste, but what unites them is a new form of art expression - upcycled mosaic.

Object #4

Plastic tructure:

“An immortal garbage monster”

An immortal garbage monster

An immortal garbage monster is a sculpture built by the polluted materials directly from the Vere River Valley. Once alluring, the Valley has become a place of mountain landfills. Valley is covered in a variety of pipes and all sorts of plastic waste. This sculpture aspires to re-think the ignorance of pollution by the state and aims to provoke a desire for a change

Exhibition: Angel that has gone deranged

Exhibition presents six works of Georgian Artists: Philip Grechulevich and Tutasay.

Philip Grechulevich

“Angel has gone deranged” seeks to provoke ambivalent emotions. On the one hand, artworks represent the submerged agony caused by constant suffering and on the other hand, they speak for the desire of change through the reflection on a lack of humanism in our lives.

Performance: Pari Banu

Pari Banu is a visual artist and performer. They mainly focus on themes such as identity, violence and transformation by experimenting with various mediums including performance, photography, video, sound and fashion.
Their performance Shahmaran reflects on Persian mythology. Shahmaran is mother of serpents, a mythical creature, half snake and half woman.

Performance: Pari Banu
Performance: Pari Banu
Performance: Pari Banu


Nesa Azadikhah, Tehran, Iran

Nesa is a Tehran-based Dj, music producer, composer, sound artist, and musician.



Zoya Baboo – Collective Failure, Tbilisi, Georgia

Zoya Baboo is a multidisciplinary artist, From paintings, sculptures, and video art to filmmaking and music mixing, Zoya Baboo expresses himself through various mediums transposing the pieces into a multidisciplinary performance, creating a space where paintings and visual art meets DJ sets and unite on a dancefloor.

Event took place in Tes Club Tbilisi, on July 30, 2022. Collective presentation of local and international artists created a unique and diverse experience, expressed in a variety of music genres and moods, combined with other artistic mediums.