The Landscapes of the Invisible is a contemporary art activist project initiated by Collective Failure in collaboration with Tes Club and Climate Basics.

The exhibition showcases the impact of environmental and climate change injustice on the most affected landscapes, as well as the people of Georgia who are struggling with social-economic and environmental inequalities.

Through the display of various mediums such as installations, paintings, textile art, video art, and performance, the exhibition aims to demonstrate how climate change and environmental concerns deepen existing inequalities and increase the vulnerability of socially marginalized groups.

The works of artists and activists, including Davit Kukhalashvili, Natia Sapanadze, Philip Grechulevich, Salomeya Bauer, Wer Michelle, Tutasay, Nina’s Art, Nika Museridze, and Zoya Baboo, will be featured in the exhibition. Most of the artworks have been created explicitly for this project, and we are excited to present them to our audience..

The initiative is part of the EU-funded regional #EU4Climate project implemented by UNDP.

Davit Kukhalashvili


The artwork reflects on the close interconnection of power and environmental crisis, that are inextricably linked through the ownership and exploitation of natural resources.



The artwork captures the powerful emotions of isolation and invisibility that many women experience in the face of climate disasters.


Climate note: Climate change has already affected global economic inequality. The gap between the economic output of the world’s richest and poorest countries is 25 percent larger today than it would have been without global warming. Developing Countries suffer the most from the negative impacts of climate change.

Print on a stone
Print on a stone
Print on a stone

Salomeya Bauer

Diptych “Waiting for peace”

The Diptych captures both the breathtaking beauty and heart-wrenching sadness of disappearing glaciers..


Philo Grechulevic

The Last Nation of Pollution

This thought-provoking artwork provides a stark commentary on the modern lifestyle of mass consumption and the generation of pollution that it entails.

An immortal garbage monster


No Hope for tomorrow

The artwork is a portrayal of the bleak reality faced by coal miners in the city of Tkibuli.

Nina art

Textile Installation: The soil under your feet

The hand-crafted artwork is a portrayal of open-pit mining in Chiatura.

Giorgi Kavtaradze

Installation: The Song of the Sea

This installation provides a stark commentary on the devastating impact of human-made pollution of Black Sea. At its center is a tank of water that, at first, appears clear and pure. But as the installation progresses, we see how the water gradually changes color, becoming darker and more polluted over time.

Nika Museridze

4 parts

This installation invites the viewer to step inside a box of screens, immersing themselves in a powerful video exploring the issue of air pollution in Georgia. The screens surround the viewer, enveloping them in a multi-sensory experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally evocative.

Landfills, considered the last resort in the waste hierarchy, release methane, a powerful greenhouse gas linked to human-induced climate change. The artwork reflects.



This multimedia installation is a feast for the senses, with the artist using a variety of screen sizes and shapes to create a captivating visual display. Through its use of imagery and motion, the installation brings to life the invisible struggles of those whose needs are not heard or researched.

Collective Failure

In case of Climate Emergency, Brake Glass

"In Case of Climate Emergency, Break Glass" is a thought-provoking installation that serves as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to address the climate emergency we are facing. Boxes contain: bottle of clean water, coffee, beans, and corn - a stark reminder of the food and water crises that are the result of climate change.

Group Exhibition is curated by Collective Failure