Artists For Ukraine - Satellite Event | Tbilisi, Berlin, Aachen

On 16th of April, 2022 , artists and collectives in Tbilisi, Berlin and Aachen are coming together for a satellite event to raise their voices against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to express their solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Yügen Collective, Tes Club, Cashmere Radio, VITSCHE and Not Human Collective.

Andro Dadiani, Danyil Pinko, Elene Malazonia, Ira Mavka, Lucrezia, Lile, Levau Shvelidze, Mariana Berezovska, Nino Eliashvili, Sophya Mamaladze, Sonnorus, Sevinj Abbasova, Tibatve, Phillip Grechulevich, Wachtang Tscheischwili, Zoya Baboo.

Curated by: Monika Dorniak, Tutasay Design and concept: Wer Michèlle

In March, Yugen Collective and Not Human Collective organised their first joint art fundraiser at the Bunker of Arts in Aachen and donated 3000 Euro to the Voice of Children, UNFPA - for women and girls and Mission Lifeline. We do believe that every action matters and even a small donation can make a difference!

Art is political, we stand with Ukraine!